The end of the year is comiBigstock-23346713-Christmas-Magic-Gift-Box-And-A-Happy-Family-Mother-And-Baby (3)ng, which means that soon the most magical time will come – The Christmas and The New Year!
During this wonderful holiday we all want to see a fairy tale around us, fun, but most importantly – the warmth and peace in our families. Unfortunately, not all the kids in this new year will be able to feel themselves happy… The families, which were displaced from the ATO area, now face great difficulties in their lives, and in such a situation, of course, the least they think about is holidays…

But we can do everything in our possession for these children to have a cheerful, happy, warm and wonderful New Year!
You can help the kiddies and their families to celebrate the New Year with a smile! “KHF” announces a Christmas charity campaign    “The magic of good” to raise funds to purchase gifts for children from families displaced from the ATO area!
And there are various ways of help, as we all know. Here’s how you can do it!
We are ready to collect your gifts for kids at:

Greek Sq., 3/4, 6 fl., Office 644.

You are not limited in choosing gifts! Your imagination is your best assistant. Bring everything that that is able to cheer up the kids:
– books
– toys
– educational games
– and much more
If you cannot bring gifts to our office, there are several ways on how you can transfer funds for the purchase of holiday gifts.

On our home web page, there is a button “donate”.
Using it, you can quickly and easily make a donation through the LIQPAY.

You can also perform a charitable contribution:


S/A 26000174551

MFO:328168. PJSC CB «PrivatBank»

S/A 26005054317098


Payment details: «Donations without VAT».
You may also help the kids by making a donation through any self-service terminal of ‘Privat Bank’! For this, you just need to make a few simple steps. For detailed instructions, you can use the link:взнос-через-терминал-самообслуживан/


We all hope this New Year makes the main gift for all of us – children’s carefree laughter and smiles!