The charitable organization “FDS” was created to help talented and gifted children of Ukraine. Our wonderful country rich in small and young talents and we strive to make each of them found their way to a bright and happy future, regardless of the obstacles in the form of financial problems.
Every child should have the chance – “FDS” there just for that!
Sincere faith in human kindness and daily work of our team contribute to the fact that every child whose parents have turned to us for support, realized his dream.
миниfinancial aid for tuition desired skill or subject;
миниsupport for the purchase of musical instruments and other materials for training;
миниhelp in finding teachers and trainers;
миниorganization and participation in charity events in order to help children;
миниsupport children’s sporting events

… And much more is done to children’s eyes shone with joy and faith in their own strength!
Magic in simple things and we create it yourself!
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