Help for talents

During the period of the festival “Kids’ Talent Fest” we managed to collect 3054 USD. 20 kopecks.
Thanks to your good initiatives, we have the opportunity to realize the dreams of the following:
– Lisa Tymoshenko (12) – had the opportunity to engage in acting and singing in the studio “Theatre prodlenki” at the Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy im.Vodyanogo. Thanks to you, “Good Hearts Fund” to pay 2 months of training for Lisa, would amount to 800 UAH.
– Bogdan Radovan (13 years) will be able to participate in the International dance festival «Black sea open cup», which will take place from 20 to 21 June in the Odessa National Academy of Law and Article 4. Big Fountain. Bogdan we give 800 UAH. and we wish him well speak!
Also performing at the festival, it will be increased qualification of Junior in the Junior E D. Congratulations))
– Elizabeth Kolechnichenko (18), champion of the Odessa region. among school children in volleyball, winner and winner of tournaments at the national level for a long time dream of a professional sports shoes. Currently we are looking for the right model Lisa sneakers and value of the gift to cover in our next post.